Redirect WWW Url to Apex Domain

One of the most common configurations to put in place when we have our website accessible from the internet is redirecting the www URL to an apex domain.
This allows our website to keep its identity and make our brand much more recognizable.

Dynamic Origin with S3 for SPA

Single Page Applications have revolutionized the way we develop web applications, but they come with some challenges that we didn’t have with traditional server-side rendered pages, for example, the way our pages are indexed in search engines like Google or Bing.
But somethings things doesn’t work as we expect.

Orchestrate Stacks with Cloudformation

When you write your infrastructure as code using Cloudformation for small projects, it might make sense to define all your resources in the same template, but as your project might grow bigger, it is a good practice to separate your resources in different stacks from the very beginning.

Here, I will explain how to create a master template that orchestrates other stacks.

ECR Image Change Detection

When I started to use containers my first contact was with the OpenShift Red Hat Solution and I really like its triggers functionality where automatically redeploys a container when its image changes.

I was a little bit disappointed when I realized that AWS doesn’t provide something similar out of the box, but the good news is that we can create this useful feature by ourselves.

Create a VPC with Nat Gateway in AWS

A Virtual Private Cloud or VPC is one of the basic elements to start building your infrastructure in the Cloud. It provides isolation for our resources and security.

When we create an account in AWS, a default VPC is set up on our behalf. This makes very easy to start creating resources in it, but after playing around, you will soon realize that you need a more customized network.